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How Sleep Affects Your Health

Did you know that when we sleep, we are more efficient at producing new cells and repairing damaged tissues throughout our body?

This includes skin and hair, cardiac (heart) tissue, and myelin. Myelin is the protective coating on our nerve cells, including those in our brain.

Why is this important?

When the myelin coating is damaged, it can affect the messages being sent along the nerves to the brain. The result could be poor coordination, weakness, and slower brain function and reflexes, among other things. It may also impact pain levels. So if you’re experiencing chronic pain, the quality of your sleep could be making it even worse!

If you’re wanting to be more active, feel less drained, and have a sharper mind, focus on improving the quality of your sleep!

A Simple Way to Improve Your Sleep

Gentle exercise in the early evening hours may help you fall asleep faster and achieve deeper levels of sleep. Think yoga, stretching, and planking. Set a time for 15 minutes and just start gently moving your body. Follow it up with 5 minutes of meditation or deep breathing, and get ready for to sail the seas of sweet dreams. Consistency is key, so the more you stick to this routine, the better it will pay off. Goodnight!

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