Pain Management

Pain can make you feel like your entire life has been put on hold. You may feel like your body has failed you, or like you are not capable of becoming healthy, strong, and productive again.

  • Maybe your ongoing back pain is keeping you from enjoying activities with your family.
  • Maybe your endometriosis pain is causing you to call in sick to work every month.
  • Maybe your chronic headaches are keeping you from making plans with your friends.
  • Maybe it’s just a niggling pain in your neck that is a constant distraction from your work.
Dr Sarah Hennessey performing treatment

Whatever you are dealing with, there are solutions to help you heal, to cope, and to move on with your life –without worrying about the side effects of medication.

*Please note, that if you are currently taking medication to address your pain condition, at South East Natural Health you will NEVER be encouraged to stop taking it without consulting your GP first. Natural methods of pain management can be customized to work alongside your current medications, surgical operations, chiropractics, physical therapy, etc.

Let’s get you back in control of your body so you can be reminded of how strong and capable it really is!

Fire cupping therapy applied by acupuncture practitioner
Cupping Therapy

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