Postnatal Care

You may have heard of the ‘4th trimester’ – the 3 months after birth, where new mums are meant to adjust, heal, and learn to cope with her new life.

For some, this phase tends to last far longer than 3 months. Because of the demands of our busy lives and pressure from society, women are often forced to simply keep their heads above water rather than being able to properly recover.

When mums are not properly supported in their physical and mental health, it can increase their risk of developing postnatal depression and anxiety.

This isn’t unique to first time mums, either. Every pregnancy, birth, and newborn experience comes with its own set of challenges, and all mothers need and deserve support.

For some mums, the postnatal recovery phase goes by quickly and they feel well going back to “life as usual.”

But for many, postnatal recovery can take weeks, months, even years beyond what we expect. And really, our bodies, our minds, and our lives are forever changed after becoming a mum.

There is an indefinite amount of time after the typical recovery stage, where some women still struggle to feel healthy and joyful.

Whether you have had a traumatic birth, are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, feel like your hormones are going haywire, or if you just feel like you could use a little more support –  I’m here to help!

Common postnatal concerns include:

Anxiety and Sadness
Back Pain

Heavy or painful periods
Night Sweats


Postnatal care is best suited for up to 24 months post-birth, but is appropriate at any stage of motherhood.


I offer a safe and comfortable space for you to slow down for a moment and to focus on healing your mind, body, and soul.

After all, they say you cannot pour from an empty cup.
And when your cup is empty, it can be harder to enjoy all those little moments

Let’s fill your cup and remind you of the strong, loving, vibrant woman you are – you’ve got a very rewarding journey ahead of you!

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